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“Why I’ll never switch to Android and Windows”: the confession of a fan of Apple

MacDigger in the community in “Vkontakte” flashed “Why Apple fans are called a “sect”? This opinion is really popular. But according to the classification of sects Apple — not exactly a sect, it’s more of a soft cult, if at all, to put the question in this aspect.

Explanations for this phenomenon are numerous, ranging from the iconic design, high quality and competent ecosystem. Apple has invested heavily in software and hardware, having an almost perfect range of products, which binds to their customer. It Apple first decided to combine a variety of services and devices into a single system, giving a very simple and intuitive set of products with a tight integration.

Even months after the purchase and use of Apple technology remains a sense of whether or not the device is convenient, practical and able to continue to grow. Here, as with family life: passionate love gives way to real lasting relationship.

The author of the blog iXbt, told the story of the close relationship with Apple products. The device, which will be discussed below, were used in daily life for several years. Each of them found a place in hearts of fans Apple.

13-inch MacBook Pro Retina (Late 2012)

I bought the first “retina” in the minimum configuration at the beginning of 2013. And since there was not a single day when I regretted it. Don’t want to jinx it, but all four years, the laptop has served (and continues to serve) with faith and truth for a long time he was my only working tool that I have at home and at work connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse and used as a desktop PC. In addition, he was an indispensable companion for all business trips and vacations.

Despite the endless journey bags and suitcases, it is still almost like new and is one of the main advantages of its design. In addition, its dimensions are ideal for mobile use. Yes, the new MacBook is even cooler, not to mention the 12-inch model, but I’m still happy with my good old friend.

Perhaps the only thing to complain is the significantly reduced over the four years of using time of battery life — charge lasts for about four hours, and shutdown can occur unpredictably, even when the indicator shows that there are still 20% charge. It is clear that it is solved by replacing the battery, but it is also quite expensive. At an authorized service center Apple, I put the price tag in the region of 19000 rubles. In unauthorized you can meet for 10 thousand.

iPad Pro keyboard Smart Keyboard

A real discovery for me was iPad Pro keyboard Smart Keyboard. Before, I could hardly imagine that somewhere will go without a laptop but after the appearance of this model, I often take it, not MacBook Pro. First, there is a SIM card and, consequently, the Internet practically everywhere. Second, running on battery power much longer. Thirdly, it is possible to detach the keyboard and enjoy the go reading, and the hotel games from the App Store. And, fourth, at almost the same size display as the MacBook Pro, the iPad Pro is still smaller and lighter.

Cons — except that the limitations of iOS that work with files (download the file and burn to a flash drive, for example) and problems of working with text, where it is important to retain original formatting or creating a new complex formatting (partially “treated” purchase Microsoft Word, but the toad smothers). Of course, iPad Pro cannot be used as a desktop PC and full to do serious stuff like video editing and layout of the website, but in short trips is usually not needed (at least to me). And when traveling within the city — even more so.

iPhone 7 Plus

A good smartphone. Just good. No enthusiasm, no serious complaints. Reliable working tool. Perhaps the only thing worth mentioning is the very high quality 4K video and quite often used to me shooting with a second camera (optical zoom 2X). That’s what this model is really happy and not taken for granted (after all, Apple has accustomed us to good food, and surprise becomes more difficult).

In the version of the Jet Black surface too slippery to be worn without a cover. Although a certain buzz from this coverage is.

Apple Watch first generation

Apple watch is considered to be one of the most controversial products of the company. Some say the futility, others criticize the design (say, a clock should be round). I use the clock for two years. Can’t say that they are indispensable for me and if I forget to put them on in the morning, the whole day I suffer — not at all. But still I get a kick every time I look at them and interact with them. It’s amazing how Apple managed to do that. However, it is worth to mention that I have a version of stainless steel with a sapphire glass protecting the screen and cover the button is the Digital Crown. It is possible that the Apple Watch Sport I would have cooled faster. But “love affair” with Apple Watch is still ongoing. And when there is a desire of updates, enough to change the strap. Now I use nylon, which at first was not appreciated, and realize how a good idea was to release this series.


Another controversial product-accessory Apple invented and released in the era of Tim cook. And again, I can’t help but admit that more and more attached to this device. Decent sound in conjunction with the iPhone, almost no different from the sound of wired headphones Apple, great design, very convenient packaging that allows you to throw headphones into any pocket or bag, great idea charging (via the case, which, in turn, is charged with Lightning cable), using it as a Bluetooth headset… well, for everyday use in conjunction with iPhone is almost ideal.

Charging dock for iPhone

Perhaps the most useless Apple product I’ve ever had is. Like, at first it seems that he is a very nice and functional, but more and more often catch myself thinking that it’s just an extra intermediary between the Lightning cable and a smartphone. Besides, put iPhone it is very uncomfortable because there is a plug at an angle. Well, besides iPhone docking station with nothing compatible — iPad Pro will deliver. And, in the end, the sense of vertical installation, the iPhone is not obvious. Practice shows that it is simply useless.

Charging dock for Apple Watch

But this is more interesting, although also can not say that without it you cannot live. The main point is that if you trip, take a watch, it’s much better to take this dock than a long bundled cable with charging the “tablet” at the end. But there are also disadvantages. First, this is another device placed on the table. Unfortunately, practice shows that to fully replace the complete charging does not work, since it is often necessary to simultaneously charge iPhone/iPad and watch.

The second drawback: the dock rather quickly loses its attractive appearance. Its surface is not enough white, velvety material on the back is cluttered with fading… In General, if the watch is still like new, and because they still admire, the docking station makes aesthetic dissonance.

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