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Videofact: iPhone 7 launched the worst Microsoft operating system

The authors of the project Hacking Jules installed a Microsoft operating system on the iPhone 7. Enthusiasts showed the process of installation, start up and failure of Windows Vista in the iOS environment 10.2.1.

It is noteworthy that this is achieved without any “jailbreak”. To run Windows Vista on an Apple mobile device, blogger took the application development tool Xcode, the Bochs x86 emulator and a Windows Vista image. Unlike Windows XP to install the OS will come in handy knowledge in C, C++.

Of course, a full legacy OS from Microsoft to run on a smartphone cannot and downloaded in about 15 minutes. Although after manipulation, iOS will remain on the smartphone, so data protection experience is not necessary.

Windows Vista is considered the worst operating system from Microsoft. Since the release of the legendary Windows XP nearly six years have passed, and Redmond realized that delayed the release of the next OS. Thus, Microsoft had to quickly submit Vista, sacrificing some of the features disclosed earlier. Load the users have got inflation, brakes, hardware and software incompatibilities, high cost, a dizzying number of revisions, security issues and other absurdities. This could not disturb the users of the new OS.

The list of problems Windows Vista is not the end. OS not supported some software successfully runs on Windows XP. Having problems with USB support. On top of the performance left much to be desired, even compared to the previous version of the OS.

Despite the weak performance, Vista consumes so much RAM that a large part of the PC at the time just did not pull a new product from Microsoft. Users mass rolled back on Windows XP, and the situation was subsequently only saved by Windows 7.

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How to run iPhone 7 Windows XP operating system with no jailbreak available at this link.

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