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Prepd Pack: convenient and practical lunchbox with a native application for iPhone [video]

If you are not working from home, then the options of dining with you two — to go to the nearest school catering, or bring food to the office. With the first option everything is clear. But the second is more complicated. Not every container is suitable for food, and carry them with you is not always convenient, especially if we are talking about several dishes. With “smart” lunchbox Prepd Pack these problems disappear.

Container Prepd Pack looks great. All the dishes are placed in a small practical box with a neat design that is easy to take with you. Under the lid are three containers for food and Cutlery. Fans upload pictures of food in Instagram will probably be thrilled — looks great.

Transparent plastic containers are ideal for food storage that does not require the maintenance of a warm temperature: sandwiches, salads, fruits, sweets. Elastic band with convenient button securely attached lid, and collapsible design of the container allows during lunch to turn it into a stand. The boxes are easy to clean, and large selection of sizes will allow you to pick the containers.

In addition to the lunchbox, the authors developed an app for iPhone & iPad. It is possible to find the recipes for each day. Each dish is accompanied by calculations on the energy value and composition of products.

Detailed information about Prepd Pack posted on the site Kickstarter, where the developers are gathering funds for the production of his invention. Collect enough successfully: instead of planned $25 000 in the account of the company for more than $210 000.

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Basic set Prepd Pack shipping to Russia will cost $ 65. The shipping the product to the first buyer will begin 2016.

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