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How to replace Siri with Google Assistant on iPhone

During the Google I/O conference it was announced that signature voice assistant Google Assistant has become available on iOS devices. At the moment it is already possible to download in the App store.


Google Assistant is a smart assistant that provides continuous two-way dialogue, not just respond to individual requests. Big technology advantage over Siri is the ability to track the context of the conversation, to understand the essence of the request details. For example, if you first ask your virtual assistant to Google about the weather in St. Petersburg, and then to ask to find the tables in the restaurant, the Google Assistant will guess that the subsequent issues are certainly associated with the previous. The function requires iOS 9.1 or newer.

Features of Google Assistant in iOS are almost the same as in the case of use on Android devices. The only restriction is to make the functions run as fast as Siri will not work because of the rules Apple. The problem can be solved on iPhone with jailbreak. A small add-on from Cydia allows you to run Google Assistant is Siri by long pressing the Home button.

How to replace Siri Assistant on Google

Step 1. Install Google Assistant from the App Store and Activator from Cydia.

Step 2. Run the Activator and choose “Anywhere”.

Scroll down to the section on the Home button, and click on the “Long click”. Browse through the list of apps until you see Google Assistant. Click on the “i” and choose “Open immediately”. This is to ensure that the voice assistant was launched from the lock screen.

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Step 3. Launch the Settings app and disable Siri.

Step 4. Go back to Activator and go back to the section called “Everywhere”. In the same section look for “Short hold” and remove all actions. This will prevent activation of the function “voice Control” instead of Siri.

That’s all. you will then be able to launch the Google Assistant is the voice assistant of Apple.

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