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Why Apple doesn’t change iOS

Five years ago Apple introduced iOS 7. It was the most massive system update, which completely changed its design. Many are waiting for the moment when Apple once again update the design of iOS, but soon it will not happen.

Recently I played on iPad Air with iOS 8.4. This update was released in 2015, and she iOS 8 in 2014. Since then, the design of the system has changed. Apple altered several times “control Point”, changed the concept of a “notification Center”, redraw icons, Windows, apps, and a bunch of small items in the system.

In iOS 7 there were two problems. The first is to refresh the design of the operating system. In 2013, many iPhone 4, 4s and 5 believed that they had a new phone, although Apple only changed the design of the firmware. The second goal was more global is to provide a space for ideas of Apple designers. For example, over the past five years, the design of the “control Point” changed four times — almost every year.

When the system is built on the concept of skeuomorph, it’s much harder to do. But, if the design consists of a set of colors and fonts, then the problem becomes smaller.

Apple just decided instead of one large redesign to change the design of iOS gradually. This approach has an indisputable advantage — every year, you can redraw some elements and highlight this in the category of “major changes”. So it was a “notification Center” and “control” in iOS 11. Given that some companies are releasing two flagship per year, it is a good way to do the old smartphones relevant. On the other hand, some users would be unhappy with this approach and require large-scale redesign.

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When I looked at iOS 8, which is not much different from iOS 7, I had a feeling that this is a different system. She’s just like iOS 11. It’s not immediately noticeable, but between iOS 7 and iOS 11 — the abyss. In iOS 7 a lot of blur, transparency and thin fonts. In iOS 11 fonts become thicker, transparency and blur is rare, but there were big headlines and items.

I do not think that in the next two to three years Apple will radically change the design. The company is exposed to problems similar to those that appeared in iOS 7. Apple developers spent a year to fix most of the errors. At the presentation of iOS 12 immediately said that this update primarily fixes bugs and speeds up the device. Judging from the first beta versions, Apple has kept his word. If to release, nothing will deteriorate, users will find a very nice update.

But a redesign can be a threat to the stability of iOS. Imagine that the system just started as normal, and then it all starts again. It is unlikely Apple will take such a step.

Another problem of the future redesign — the other Apple operating systems. They also have to pull up to the new design of iOS. Leave it as it is does not work, because then there will be unity, which is so proud of Apple.

Last question — what to do with the developers. It took them two years to adapt to changes in iOS 7. There is no guarantee that the second time will be much faster.

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Apple has a lot of ideas and opportunities to give iOS a fresh new look 11. About the most we do not even suspect. But numerous concepts show that the current design can be changed beyond recognition.

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