November 3 GPS will break on old iPhone

Not everyone loves the new iPhone. Some are old enough. Apple devices — with proper care — have been able to work for years. Image from IOS updates have a similar story. Many fundamentally do not install updates. For example, to avoid performance issues. Fresh firmware sometimes slows down irrelevant models. However, there are […]


Best of the week: Apple Watch saved lives, Xiaomi showed a strange smartphone, as well as a speech by Greta Tunberg

For Apple sufferers, this week has become a breath of fresh air. Therefore, in today's digest there will be much less about the company from Cupertino. But according to tradition, we will begin with it. Apple We all know that the most popular smartphone among those sold right now is the “unsuccessful” and “useless” iPhone […]

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Why Apple doesn’t change iOS

Five years ago Apple introduced iOS 7. It was the most massive system update, which completely changed its design. Many are waiting for the moment when Apple once again update the design of iOS, but soon it will not happen. Recently I played on iPad Air with iOS 8.4. This update was released in 2015, […]

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Appeared on YouTube advertising the iPhone SE 2

In the YouTube channel Concept Creator appeared is not yet available iPhone 2 SE. Appearance matches a lot of rumors, and its output seems almost real. SE the original iPhone debuted in 2016 and since then quite successfully sold. Users like the size and price of the device, so all looking forward to the second […]

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Full story iOS

Talk about how to develop the most advanced operating system in the world. Demonstrating the first iPhone, Steve jobs called the device the competitors children. Apple, in turn, made the industry and showed how to be truly smart phone. In the first version of iOS (then iPhone OS) had many advanced features and capabilities. But, […]

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Why Apple will kill iPhone X. it’s not just the price

Analysts report that in 2018 Apple will stop making iPhone X, which debuted recently. Paul Gorodnitsky – why in the world are doing everything correctly. Last week, Russian and foreign IT-media massively quoting chief expert of KGI, Mr. Ming-Chi Kuo. This reputable gentleman said that in September next year, Apple will cover the tenth edition […]

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5 things that could be better in iPhone X

What would be worth to change iPhone X prior to release, and what improvements users expect from the second version of the anniversary of the Apple smartphone. In September of the year Apple introduced the new iPhone, dedications to the 10th anniversary of the smartphone, which is nothing but the Apple on the back, not […]

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iPhone X like even fans of Android, but not to bad bloggers

iPhone X gets rave reviews from fans of Android and Microsoft, but some angry bloggers want Apple’s new flagship failed. Edition AppleInsaider analyzed the feedback. “Use iPhone X — is a pleasure”, says Stephen Sinofsky, who until 2012 headed the office Microsoft for Windows development. 7 Nov edition Factcodesing released an article with the headline […]

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Damage X iPhone will cost dearly

Portal iFixit made a detailed analysis of the flagship smartphone Apple accessories. It turned out that the cracked display — hardly the most unpleasant story, which can happen with a new gadget. A much more significant problem is failure of the rear glass panel of the iPhone X. the fact that, according to experts, apart […]