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BlackBerry closes office in Russia

BlackBerry has decided to close its office in Russia. It is reported by CNews, with reference to the representative corporations Julia Paillard. This decision is part of an overall strategy canadian company out of the crisis.

In the framework of the adopted strategy BlackBerry will focus its efforts on the most profitable directions. The Corporation is grateful to the staff of his Russian mission for their “hard work”. The current version of the corporate product BlackBerry – BlackBerry Enterprises Services (BES) 12 – will continue to be available to Russian users through authorized dealers, assured Paillard.

BlackBerry is known for its smartphones, the use of which, together with BES became popular in the corporate environment due to the possibility of convenient and secure access to email. The way corporations on the Russian market was very “bumpy”.

For a long time, the FSB did not give permission to import BlackBerry smartphones by its use of encryption algorithms. In 2008, operators Beeline and MTS were able to obtain permission to import the first official batch of BlackBerry and launched the BES service. Soon the opportunity to work with BES received and individuals, and in 2011 to work with BlackBerry and became “the Megaphone”.

However, the last few years, mobile operators have not received new permits to import new batches of BlackBerry smartphones, resulting in new models of these devices were imported through “grey” channels. In late 2012, BlackBerry announced that they had agreed on a simplified scheme of importation of smartphones: the Corporation was to carry out a notification about the import of crypto devices, and sales have been engaged in distributor Asbis.

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However, this did not happen and the latest models of smartphones running on the operating system BlackBerry 10, is still imported into Russia through “grey” channels. And in early 2015, “Vympelcom” and MTS announced the suspension of new connections of customers to the BES service (older versions ON BES 5). For existing customers “Beeline” twice raised the price.

Recently BlackBerry has not the best times in all markets. The demand for its products is steadily declining, leading to lower revenue of the Corporation. BlackBerry almost halved its staff, and the current CEO John Chen even talked about the possibility to refuse the release of smartphones. In this year there were rumors that a canadian company can buy competitors: for example, Samsung or even Apple.

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