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5 7 advantages of iPhone over the Samsung Galaxy S8

Has become a tradition to compare similar gadgets that not only perform in one class, but many borrow from each other, as a result, perceived by many at the same level. In fact, the difference between them can be enormous.

At the beginning of 2017, Samsung announced its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8 in a completely new design. Camera, announcement of which is expected in April, will be significantly different from the current models of the company. Among the characteristics of the Galaxy S8: display “edge to edge”, a top processor, a voice assistant with artificial intelligence from the creators of Siri.

If you obviously know that the Galaxy S7, not to mention the future Galaxy S8 is the best phone, or Android smartphones surpass the iPhone, then close the post and save your nerves. Fans of the South Korean devices are just not worth it to read this comparison where the author considers the advantages of the “Apple” flagship with detailed calculations.

1. Dual camera

the iPhone 7 Plus equipped with dual-camera module whereby the smartphone allows you to take photos with the “bokeh” effect in the style of SLR cameras and use an optical zoom. The Galaxy S8 will be a standard camera without these chips: users can magnify the image during shooting only digital zoom, which deteriorates the image quality.

2. Frame around the screen

Vaunted curved at both sides of the display is not so easy because of accidental clicks. In the case of the Galaxy S8, the situation is compounded by the fact that the smartphone will be deprived of not only the sides but also from above and from below. The same Galaxy S7 or Galaxy Note 7 screen looks really original, but in real use curved faces do not bring any benefit. Even when you just hold the device in the hand, fingertips or the palm accidentally press on the screen. Frame around the screen of the iPhone 7 allow comfortable use of the gadget.

3. OS

The key advantage of the iPhone 7 on Galaxy S8 is the operating system running on the “Apple” smartphone. iOS is more secure and easy to use mobile platform. In Android, which operates the Korean flagship, lacks many branded apps and services Apple, including Siri, AirDrop, AirPlay, iTunes, Find My iPhone and others.

4. Reliability

iPhone 7 is the most productive, most secure, most popular, and one of the most solid flagships in the market. The Samsung devices, in spite of the protected glass Gorilla glass breaks much easier. This is confirmed not only Amateur crash tests, but experts from SquareTrade.

5. Accessories

the iPhone 7 is ubiquitous and you will find a huge number of accessories at the most affordable prices covers all tastes, protective film, charging, storage, battery, camera and most other gadgets. With Samsung smartphones and a different situation. For the same Galaxy S7 accessories less, so owners of the gadgets have to pay for proprietary solutions from the manufacturer. Same with the repair. iPhone 7 will be repaired in any workshop and will always find a replacement broken glass or a broken button. To repair the broken Galaxy S8 will be much more difficult and expensive.


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