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What function of iOS 11 you most interested in?

As you approach the final version of iOS 10.3 all the attention of users looking for the biggest iOS release 11. Apple will hold a pre-announcement in June at WWDC 2017, and then will release a beta version for developers, and then for the participants of the open testing program.

In iOS 11 expected global changes in the appearance of the operating system, as it was with the 7th version. However, change in the appearance will be. It should be noted that the insides of the software Apple appear much less in comparison with hardware innovations. The fact that software products are developed internally, and the release of the Apple mobile devices, reports on outsourcing.

Apple is showing a noticeable interest in augmented reality. If this technology will be used in the iPhone 8, it will also be part of iOS 11. According to reports, “anniversary” flagman will have better front camera, and an infrared module for capturing a three-dimensional space. Therefore, the Camera app in iOS 11 will be able to combine information about a 3D space with two-dimensional pictures taken using the front camera as well as use the data for facial recognition and iris of the eye and create a 3D selfie.

Also, the system updates the expected dark color theme that goes well with the rumors about the iPhone 8 transition to OLED displays. It was expected that iOS 10.3 will be a special theater mode, but in prior versions it was not. It may also enter the number of innovations iOS 11.

Many users hope that Apple adds to OS new features specifically for tablets, particularly the iPad Pro. According to rumors, the manufacturer plans to produce “smart” column on the basis of Siri, so that is not without improvements to the voice assistant. While Siri lags behind in functionality from other assistants.

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Two years after the launch of the iPhone with a 3D Touch, Apple will significantly expand the capabilities of one of the most interesting, but unclaimed features of their smartphones. Almost everywhere you will push hard and get a drop-down box, which will contain a few “shortcuts”.

Apple will improve the app to listen to music, control the television set-top box messages and calls in FaceTime. It is possible that the iPhone will appear in the mode of “picture in picture”.

Traditionally, new versions of iOS, there are problems with performance and autonomy. If the new devices life time and performance is not affected, the older device might be slower and less. This is a fee for new features, but hopefully Apple will be able to avoid it in iOS 11.

What do you expect from iOS 11?

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