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New Zealand has accused Apple of failing to pay taxes on $350 million

High taxes lead to the fact that major companies are withdrawing to other countries or tax-free zone. The methods of corporations for the evasion of payments to the state Treasury alike. In 2014 the European Union began an investigation against Apple as well as Starbucks, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, two years after the European Commission demanded that kupertinovtsy to list Ireland’s unpaid taxes in the amount of 13 billion euros.

Apple saves a lot of money on taxes. The company hires the best lawyers and accountants who are developing all kinds of schemes to reduce payments. “Fruit” the Empire could thus save millions of dollars.

A scheme like the one Apple used in Ireland, used, apparently, in New Zealand. It is alleged that during her 10 years of work in the country Apple with turnover of $4.2 billion not paid a dime of taxes.

Apple offers truly innovative products, however the company used schemes of payments even more innovative, experts say. Study has shown that a tax payment of $37 million was, however, to the relevant authority of Australia and not New Zealand.

“It is unclear how Apple all this time, did not pay taxes in the country — said one of the founders of the green Party’s James Shaw. — I really like Apple products, it is truly innovative. However, it seems that Apple’s lawyers are even more innovative than the designers of the company”.

In the course of the investigation surfaced one-time payment of income tax in the amount of $37 million, which actually has been forwarded to the tax office of Australia. If Apple were to pay New Zealand tax in the same manner in which it works in other countries, the company had to pay about $350 million over the past 10 years.

In September last year, the government of Japan also put forward a claim to the Apple, catching her in the transfer of funds from the local iTunes in Ireland during 2014-2015. As a result, the company was forced to pay $118 million in taxes.

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