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Apple commented on the publication of WikiLeaks about the hacking of the iPhone and Mac security services USA

On Thursday, the WikiLeaks website published a new series of CIA documents, according to which governmental bodies in the United States can access your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Apple commented on the situation, stating that these data are outdated, and all included in the leak vulnerability is now fixed.

According to the manufacturer, one of the vulnerabilities only affected the iPhone 3G and was closed in 2009 with the release of the iPhone 3GS, and the other pertaining to Mac, lost its relevance in 2013. The company reminded that is constantly working to improve security of user data.

Yesterday the website WikiLeaks has published the second part of the documents on the activities kiberrazvedki CIA “safe 7” under the code name Dark Matter, telling about the methods of hacking Apple devices. A large part of the WikiLeaks documents really outdated and dates back to the years 2008-2013.

The document described methods of operation and access the Mac via peripheral devices such as a USB drive. There were also published information about the program Night Skies 1.2, which was intended for spying on iPhone.

Although Apple claims that all the gaps have been eliminated, the company points out that the findings are preliminary. But even if some of the vulnerabilities still remain, no doubt soon they will be closed.

“We have not been negotiating with Wikileaks to obtain any information. We gave them the instruction to provide us with whatever information they wish, according to the standard process with standard terms and conditions. But still we have not received any additional data not already in the public domain,” reads the Apple statement.

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