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Tim cook: the interest of developers to the Apple Watch more than the first iPhone and iPad

Tim cook is confident in the success of smart watches Apple Watch. He stated this in an interview with Bloomberg. In this there is no doubt, looking at the interest of developers to wearable computer from Apple, said the CEO. In recent months, developers have created several thousand applications for Apple Watch.

Apple Watch, last week received in the retail sale via Apple Store, opened BY the relevant store in April. Up to this point, online storefronts offer over 6, 000 programs for Apple smart watch.

Tim cook in an interview compared the launch of the Apple Watch with the start of sales of other new products Apple. When in April 2010 debuted the iPad, the tablet was offered 1 000 applications, and when in July 2008 the world saw the very first iPhone, it was prepared only 500 programs, he said. Cook believes that this is a good sign, testifying to the popularity of the Apple Watch.

Application in a specialty store for Apple Watch are grouped into categories: health & fitness, games, communication, work, travel, family, arts, business, news, social networks, etc. Here you can see screenshots of the programs, how they look on the clock and on the iPhone, there is a search function. Among the developments of many solutions from leading vendors such as Twitter, Evernote, Uber, New York Times, Wunderlist, etc.

To set the hour of the program at the moment need to install it first on the iPhone and then sync it with the watch. Direct mounting on the portable computer while not provided.

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This fall Apple will release an update watchOS 2.0, which will support native apps for Apple Watch.

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