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Volvo told how much the Russians will cost Apple CarPlay

Presenting its new XC90 crossover second generation, Volvo has stated that this car will be the first model company to support in-car infotainment system CarPlay, which provides access to the features and services familiar to users of Apple mobile devices. Today, the automaker announced the price of the platform for the flagship SUV Swedish brand.

Car owners XC90 can download the option, contact official dealers of the brand. The recommended retail price installation Apple CarPlay is 34 786 rubles. The company believes that the proprietary technology Apple will make customers ‘ lives “a little easier” by simplifying the communication driver while driving, said Kolesa.

Apple CarPlay allows drivers to use iPhone in the car as fully as possible, while not being distracted from the road. Smartphone features available through the touch screen center console Volvo XC90, as well as voice control and Siri button on the steering wheel. With CarPlay you can make calls, send and receive SMS messages, a route map, use the basic iPhone application.

“The integration of its own design Volvo’s Sensus system, Apple CarPlay allows you to use the content of the programmes of Volvo and Apple at the same time, without constantly switching from one system to another”, – stated in the release from the manufacturer.

According to Volvo, the new XC90 interface intuitive. Already after a short usage screen is generated from the driver’s muscle memory. In this case, all functions on the touchscreen are positioned in accordance with the frequency of use for maximum convenience: basic information, navigation and music playback is above and controls the phone, application icons and function of climate control at the bottom. And on the windshield projected adaptive digital instrument cluster with all necessary driver data.

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The Volvo XC90 SUV of the last generation in Russia are sold with front-or all-wheel drive, with two-liter petrol engine capacity 249 or 320 HP and diesel engines, outstanding 190 or 225 HP Transmission is only one – vosmidiapazonnym “automatic”.

Today the price of the XC90 varies from 3 040 4 000 to 317 000, but next year the model significantly more expensive.

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