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Ballony Land – world of beads

Who just did the heroes match3 games – there were gems and crystals, and smiles, and lollipops. It seemed there was only balls – though as it wasn’t: here, the game Ballony Land – about balls and balloons.

The plot is extremely simple: before you playing field filled with balls. They, as usual, assorted colors: red, yellow, blue. The balls need to match a number – they are making a funny sound, blown away, flying into the piggy Bank of points.

The ultimate goal is different, but basically is associated with a set of points – to collect, say, two thousand. Periodically dust-free task complicated by the fact that the field scattered lollipops – they strongly interfere with to make the balls in a suitable combination. There is another attack – cotton candy. She holds the balls, not letting them move; you have to adjust – the color to drag companions from the side to pull the ball from the sweet captivity.

Of course, the balls can be collected not only three pieces and not only a number – there are a lot of combinations. You can roll a ball-rocket who, eating, apparently produced by the air going up and away with a few fellows. You can build a ball bomb, or the ball, which would get all the balls in the line with him. As is often the case in “gather three-in-a-row” combinations mostly random – pulled single subject, it was formed, then another, then another – but they are not less effective.

In General, the word “glamor” is well suited Ballony Land – everything here is, uh, bright. Felt as in a circus or amusement Park: balloons fly, explode, pop; occasionally the shot of a fun Park owner mister Virko. The game tries to simulate convincingly the atmosphere of celebration and she succeeds.

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Because of this Ballony Land do not want to leave, and there is no need – levels pass quickly, the light of the fireworks, but are extinguished not so fast: over 100 different jobs. Even if you pass all, do not rush to delete the game – you can invite your friends and beat the records each other. In addition, the developers regularly release updates, adding new levels.

If you stuck on some level, do not despair, you can connect to Palringo and get a few diamond stars, which you can buy extra moves. And in Palringo easy to find the Balloony Land and there to learn from other players about the tactics of passage, add new friends and share lives. This is, perhaps, unique for games of this genre.

Download Ballony Land for iPhone and iPad
Download Ballony Land for Android

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