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The Age of Unrest: a new RPG in the setting of Ancient Rus from Russian developers [+10 promo]

Russian developers have launched a new role-playing game in the setting of ancient Rus “The Age of Unrest”. Except bloody battles and nonlinear storyline, the game offers 20 hours of gameplay, an extensive system of pumping of the hero, as well as many additional characters who will meet in the dense forests and mountains of the Slavic lands.

In The Age of Unrest, the players offer to take on the role of Alexandra Kostyleva, warrior king’s troops, who returned home to have lost everything that was dear to him.

“Stand on quite a different path and embark on it in search of the truth. Your way will lie through endless fields and urban alleys, densely populated villages and abandoned villages, military strongholds and dungeons dark. You are waiting for Dating with influential nobles, and dangerous bandits, meetings with old friends and with those from whom should stay away. Get ready for the intrigues and conspiracies of everyday problems of ordinary people, and perhaps You will be crucial for the outcome of many issues. Welcome to the harsh time — the time when You can make history”.

The Unrest Age uses new technologies in the field of graphics such as Physically Based Rendering, Deferred Shading, Linear Color Space, HDR, fully dynamic lighting and all the advantages of Metal — all in order to explore the world was the most exciting.

During the game you can activate the power saving mode to extend the operating time of the device. The increase of autonomy is achieved by a slight reduction of visual quality graphics – all to the gameplay was the most long-lasting and comfortable.

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The Unrest of the Age offers more than 20 hours of gameplay and non-linear storyline in which the player decides how to develop your character. Also in the development of the world-developed system of craft that allows you to create the necessary items from all that comes handy. All this will help to create your own unique fighting style and promote the world.

Download The Unrest of the Age for iPhone and iPad at this link.

Cost to play is 229 rubles. The developer has provided us with 10 promo codes for a free download of the game. Codes will be raffled among the visitors who left a comment on the article. Don’t forget to fill in the E-mail. Good luck!

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