In billions of SIM-cards discovered a dangerous vulnerability

Trouble came from where they did not wait. AdaptiveMobile Security made a shocking statement. The company's experts found a flaw in all SIM-cards. Image from The vulnerability is called Simjacker. At stake are billions of SIMs worldwide. Imagine the scale of the damage if hackers take advantage of this “hole”. What is the problem? […]


Now even grandmothers with pies will accept payment by card. Get ready to apply the smartphone for payment … to another smartphone & nbsp

They didn’t have time to get used to online cash registers and NFC payments, as the international payment system VISA offered the CIS countries a way to accept payment from bank cards directly to a smartphone. The technology was first shown during the summit of Visa Cashless 2019. According to most experts, it will replace […]

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Apple believed that the Watch will save from iPhone addiction. The plan failed, but this can be fixed

Paul Gorodnitsky is why the main intelligent watch of the planet does not fulfill its main purpose. In 2015, when Apple Watch only prepared for release, columnists many top media (CNET, the Verge and so on) shared an opinion, whether the insider. According to information from reputable journalists, to Cupertino to have studied statistics and […]

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Mail.Ru Group has started sending messages to users Vkontakte” and “Classmates”

Mail.Ru Group owner of “Vkontakte” and “Classmates” – will enable companies to send users notifications in social networks. It is reported The idea Mail.Ru Group, businesses should switch from SMS to a more modern method of notification. Now a reminder about the haircut, a code from the Bank, order status, and more users will […]

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6 paid apps that are temporarily give a gift

Talk about the latest discounts in the Apple app store. All apps are free for only a limited amount of time. Alloy It is a powerful organizer and Automator-in-one. The application is a custom Board with the required user information. As for Workflow in Automator in Alloy you can create the programmed actions and activate […]

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How to record FaceTime video call

Since the advent of FaceTime helps maintain contact with the family to millions of people. Video calls have become incredibly popular, but they are not saved as a SMS or chat messages. Fortunately, you can solve it. Sometimes what is happening during a call in FaceTime, I want to keep forever as a memory. Whether […]

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11.2.1 iOS has not fixed the bug with emoji

Apple has recently released iTunes 11.2.1, which fixed some bugs, but the problem with emoji when sending messages, have not been eliminated. Macrumors reported that the bug occurs as follows: when a user creates a new conversation in the Messages app, and sends as the first message a smiley face, he is not sent. Moreover, […]