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Update for Windows 10 caused a problem in the operation of computers

In addition to routine security updates this week, Microsoft also released a cumulative update KB4013429 for Windows 10. Two days later, users began to report problems when installing the update. In particular, the process is interrupted unexpectedly, and you receive a message asking you not to turn off the PC.

According to a post on the technical support forum Microsoft, when you install KB4013429 the same error occurs when installing the previous cumulative updates. According to users, the installation process terminates abruptly. Thus users are requested not to shut down the computer. In some cases, the update causes an error 0x800F0922, Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer stop working.

This problem is not limited. As users write on the forum of Microsoft, the PC refresh causes the computer to hang.

According to Securitylab, various March update cause the same problems, including the failure of the applications and OS functions. For example, after installing the latest updates some users stopped working Windows DVD Player, and the reason is KB4013429.

In the past year, we recall, after installing the update Anniversary Update, users complained of frequent freezes of the PC. Then it became clear that problems arise for those users who have installed the OS on SSD and programs and games on a separate drive.

As a solution to problems with Microsoft then offered to start the computer in Safe mode, and then migrate the applications and data on one storage device.

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