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AirPods second generation will get built-in biometric sensors

2017 could be the year Apple medical technology. At least, judging by the latest patents registered by the Californian giant. A new document describes the “smart” model of headphones AirPods capable of measuring biological indicators of the user, such as body temperature, fatigue level, heart rate, and others.

Apple patent registered patent and trademark United States, called “Headphones with biometric sensors”. It’s engineers describe a wireless headset that has integrated sensors to measure the body of the owner.

As conceived by Apple, the sensors to read the main parameters of the person will be placed inside the headphones used for playback of audio content. When the headphones are placed in the ears, the sensors come in contact with the skin, allowing to measure the indicators of the human body. Judging by a patent application Apple, wireless headset can connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

The number of units that can appear in 2 AirPods, the company calls the sensor photoplethysmogram, the analog of which is present in the Apple Watch. This technology provides for a change in heart rate by registering the blood stream using a source of infrared or light radiation.

The last time Apple seriously took up the development of the theme of health and fitness. In iOS there is an application called “Health” that is used to store information about the user’s health and physical activity.

Although the new Apple patent describes in detail the possibilities of wireless headphones with biometric sensors, in Cupertino have not yet released any information on the timing of the start of their mass production. It is likely that it would take some time in order to develop standards for compatibility with software iPhone.

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