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Mac Pro 2013 may be the last in the line of the most powerful desktop Apple

Last update Mac Pro took place far in 2013, and so far Apple has not released any successor to the ageing model of the computer. At the latest shareholder meeting Tim cook gave a rather evasive response to the question about the Mac Pro: “do Not think that if the results of what we did or do, you are not visible, this means that we have changed priorities.” He added: “We will do more for the professional segment. It is very important to us.” However, this does not mean that Apple is going to release a new Mac Pro. The definition of a “professional segment” Tim cook may be different from ours.

Poppies for professionals

Historically, Mac was a product for creative professionals. In the field of audio and video editing are Apple computers hold a strong position, so the company is focused on the affected software: Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Color, etc.

Apple also creates iron in accordance with the aesthetics of chief designer Jonathan Ive. As a result, the company often donates the functionality of the devices. That is why we saw such Mac Pro 2013 and MacBook Pro in 2016.

Given the popularity of laptops, Apple pays more attention to the segment of portable computers, so Mac Pro is not updated for the fourth year. But in laptops such factors as performance, heat, autonomy and weight must be balanced. Apple can’t really offer a powerful portable computer without limitation.

Mac Pro or iMac or iPad?

The Mac Pro was the obvious choice of professionals as it offers the most productive “stuffing.” It was a real beast for its time, so most users were willing to compromise for the sake of buying a professional device.

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Now the list of modern high-performance models from Apple there’s only the iMac. Many users began to switch from Mac Pro to Apple bar, since this is the only way to get the latest hardware. Besides, the iMac features a 27-inch screen with a resolution of 5K, which is a huge advantage over the MacBook Pro, especially considering the cost of new laptops.

In the line of Apple there is another “professional” gadget – iPad Pro. Giving the tablet support the Apple Pencil, the company has focused on designers, artists and other creative users. The developers in turn carry the corresponding desktop software on iOS. Nevertheless, even now it is impossible to find a full replacement for an audio or video editor on a mobile OS. At this point the iPad Pro is not even close to capable of replacing a Mac as simply unable to meet the full potential of desktop computers.

Meanwhile, the professionals need a powerful computer, which would correspond to the realities of the market and Apple has everything you need to to provide it. No matter whether it’s updated Mac Pro, or completely new concept that no matter submitted to Apple, we will see the true attitude of the company to professional users.

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