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iMyfone Umate is the best cleaning tool for iPhone and iPad from “junk”

There is not enough memory in the smartphone’s memory — a common problem for iPhone users who are actively downloading new items from the App Store, take photos and shoot photos. On this subject much has been written about how to clear the memory on your iOS device and remove all unnecessary. But perhaps the most simple and rational method is to use the application iMyfone Umate. The utility will automatically remove all unnecessary with the iPhone, offering a few extra gigabytes of free space.

iMyfone Umate Pro will scan your device, and then will report how many files can be removed right now. The program will clean the system from unnecessary content, delete temporary and cache files that cluttered on your iPhone. Also you can compress photos without any loss of quality and to reorganize large files and applications. By the way, the compression stream will help to get an additional 75% of the memory that was used to pictures. If this is not enough, with the help of iMyfone Umate, you can choose the photos you want to remove completely from the device.

If I use the phone for a long time, it is possible to release a decent amount of data from a few gigabytes to tens.

It’s not all the possibilities iMyfone Umate Pro. The program also allows you to securely erase all data on the device. This is done for two reasons. The first reason you need to sell your iPhone and you’re (rightly) afraid that the new owner will get the video from the event. The second reason – you just don’t tend to store any information on the phone and love to use technology, which would be “from scratch”.

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In addition, iMyfone Umate just removes temporary files separate, if you don’t want to mix the cleaning the removal of, say, applications. The perfect way to free up space in your phone, without resorting at all to any losses.

iMyfone Umate Pro – paid program; however, it is logical. Usually the use of about $30, but right now developers hold the action, so the app is available for $5. Should hurry, offer limited timeframe.

Download iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac
Download iMyfone Umate Pro for Windows

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