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The first buyer of iPhone 7 in Russia told me why he wanted the phone for 86 000

On Friday the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus officially started to sell in Russia. Since night at the door of the main Department store of Moscow and of Russia began to assemble a wish first to buy the phone from Apple.

At 8 am, two hours before the start of sales, in the queue of about 300 people. As told by the buyers, at first they were a list, but then the staff of the Gum gave them special paper bracelets. First in line was 18-year-old Muscovite named Stepan. Young man 7 for iPhone stood at the shop door all night.

In an interview with Life the first buyer of Apple products in Russia told why he iPhone 7.

M. A.: Why do you need it? 70 000, 10 000 units.

S.: more to say,— 86 000.

M. A.: so Much money given, and even were standing all night to be the first.

S.: not given, still waiting.

M. A.: Stephen, turn around, go away. You for 100 thousand, this room can be resold to someone.

S.: Not for 100 and 50 000.

M. A.: Why do you iPhone, Stepan, tell? You don’t work, I guess.

S.: Working for a long time.

M. A.: I mean that you need it for work or what?

S.: Yes, of course, mostly for work needed.

M. A.: And what functions will you use?

S.: mostly the standard: email, social media, phone, SMS and software for editing photos and videos.

M. SHAHNAZAROV: Stepan, rather than the iPhone like, seriously?

S.: Design, camera, and most importantly, operating system.

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M. sh: Here, the man said. Operating system. So I’m on Android will never move.

S.: Yes, that’s right.

M. S.: Steve, hold on, hold on.

M. A.: Thank You. With us was Stephen, the first number in the queue for the iPhone 7 in Moscow.

Prices for new Apple smartphone starting from 56 990 rubles for the iPhone 7 and 67 990 rubles for the iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB. Memory capacity of 128 GB will cost buyers 65 and 76 990 990 rubles. For pre-order also available on smart phones 256 GB, they will cost 74 85 990 and 990 rubles.

Now when you order iPhone 7 via Apple’s online store, the delivery time most models is 2-3 weeks, the iPhone 7 Plus in the color “black onyx” will have to wait until November.

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