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The first iPhone is no longer working: operators in the US began to switch off 2G network

The owners of the first-generation iPhone will not be able to use their phones in the networks of the largest American AT&T. the Company has started to disable the 2G network.

Popular U.S. mobile operator AT&T announced the shutdown of the 2G network four years ago. And in the anniversary for iPhone 2017 it happened.

When the company first announced plans to get rid of the second generation, explained it, the fact that the share of phones that don’t support 3G/4G network is only 12%.

However, turning off its 2G network has created problems for owners of the first iPhone 2G. Today, the technical characteristics of the device may seem ridiculous: a camera with 2 megapixel memory 4 and 8 GB (the first model in the US cost $499, second — $599). Supported phone only Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 2G network – no 3G. Sold the first Apple smartphone exclusive operator AT&T.

It is noteworthy that the disabling of 2G networks AT&T has created problems not only for owners of the first iPhone. Suddenly it became clear that the shutdown has created problems in San Francisco: local network bus and train stations NextMuni, still uses 2G network to announce the arrival time of buses and trains.

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