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Finnish Jolla denied reports on the establishment in Russia of a competitor iOS and Android

Finnish Jolla has denied media reports about the establishment of a national mobile operating system for Russia. Chairman of the Board of Directors Antti Saarnio in an interview with the Verge called it “meaningless” developing a separate OS.

According to Saarnio, Russia is going to use various methods to reduce its dependence on Android and iOS. The publication refers to the tweet of the head of the Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov, where he promises to provide grants to developers who will migrate their apps from exclusive iOS and Android in independent Tizen and Sailfish”.

The Russian media, which reported the development of a national operating system, made a mistake, says Antti Saarnio. According to him, the Ministry of communications of Russia is going to localize the operating system Sailfish, which was developed in Jolla, and also wants to integrate some services. However, the creation of a separate system.

“Makes no sense to create a national operating system. This will not work and no one needs”, — said the head of the Finnish company.

Jolla has issued a license for the code of its operating system to hardware manufacturers, the company is also teaming up with services that are leaders in the Russian market, said Saarnio. According to him, Jolla supplies Russia device with a built-in app store Yandex. “And now we support many, many Russian services in Sailfish”, — quotes the edition of the Chairman of Jolla. According to him, these initiatives are supported by the Russian government.

Jolla does not take into account the possible political consequences of such cooperation. “I’m an entrepreneur, and I have one mission: to maximize the user base of our operating system” — presented in the publication the words of Sarnia. From the point of view of a small technology startup Jolla needs a lot of support, so Saarnio welcomes any help from any big country. He is not concerned about the possible impact of Russia on Sailfish, as all the vital know-how embodied in the employees, and it is not easy to pass”.

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Earlier it was reported that Russian specialists will be working on a new mobile operating system based on the development of the Finnish company Jolla — Sailfish. Recently a shareholder Jolla became ESN group Russian millionaire Gregory Berezkin.

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