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Taught the start of sales of iPhone X

Why you do not need to stand in line and 3 the life hack for the impatient fans.

Exactly a week ago, Russia started selling the iPhone X. I very carefully followed the way we have organized the launch of this gadget, and now you can safely give four advice for those who ever plan to buy a new iPhone on the first day.


1. The queue for speculators and freaks

The meaning of the queues was questionable until the release of the iPhone X, and now I’m is funny to remember this clowning. People were getting frostbite, dragged to shops veterans (to go first), fought, fainted, covered with alcohol, and suffered hellish cold just for the sake of:

1. Be the first to upload to instagram a photo of the new gadget;

2. Good sell iPhone to those who are lazy to stand in line.

The second category, perhaps talking. Let me just say that in last Friday’s iPhone X it was possible to take only 5-10 thousand more expensive than face value. Therefore, the speculation failed.

Much more fun was watching those who camped out near the Central stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg. People are seriously deprived myself of sleep, not knowing what was to come in the sleeping area, go to one of the corporate Apple stores and easy to buy the device, defended the 10-minute turn.

Every year everyone says that so to do will not work. And every year, smart shoppers come to the outskirts of major cities and become owners of the new iPhones.

Of course, the all – exclusive experience. Once in a lifetime and you can try – for example, my colleague admitted that there is a special, intriguing atmosphere, in which it is customary to ask the rhetorical questions: “how much is Enough?”, “And you get there it is this modification of the iPhone?”, “Where is he then to do?”, “Why only two?” – and so on.

I have not lived in the USSR, but I suspect that the queue for iPhones can be considered as a simulation of the Soviet queue. If you are attracted to such a motion forward, but for some reason I seem to lie the night in a warm bed is much more comfortable.

2. Never underestimate Apple

At Apple everything is so fine and good that the world media are constantly looking for problems and wait for Tim cook screws up. Judging by the insides of foreign and Russian analysts, the company from Cupertino had no chance to cope with the shortage.

What we heard at the end of September? “Production of iPhone X not started”.

We rubbed in the middle of October? “The iPhone X space percentage of marriage.”

And that was when towards the end of the month it became clear the pace of production? “Oh, they just do not have time to make the desired number of iPhones and meet demand.”

It seems that all these stories are hopeless nonsense. Cook himself said that the deficit virtually eliminated, and Apple will please everyone who originally hoped to buy the iPhone X for Christmas.

Apparently, Galaxy S9 will be released on the iPhone conquered the market, the harder it will be Koreans.

3. Scoundrels need to be punished

A week ago I had to execute “Euroset” for a disgusting attempt to cash in on honest customers. As it turned out, such methods hunted not only the yellow store, but many other of the chain stores, from “Coherent” to infinity.

The output can be only one. If you notice that you vparivayut iPhone is more expensive than listed on the official Apple website; need to get insurance say they will not sell without a case, immediately write about it in social networks or telling the seller that very soon information on the blackmail will appear on specialized IT resources.

The complaint in this case is not a rat, but only fight with poor sanitation. As far as I know, Apple requires retailers to iPhone could be bought freely without tons of unnecessary bells and whistles.

Therefore, violators will definitely have to drag to the scaffold – it is likely that they will then wise up and stop blatantly con the naive customers on additional expenses.

4. New iPhone – no reason to hurry

“Ten” announced in September, but not all developers have carefully watched the presentation Apple. Most major companies have released updates at the time, but there are those who stupidly selenica to do it or simply hit the deadline.

Major pain – distorted, mutilated Telegram. Yes, there is already a beta version of a converted iPhone X messenger, but it put the unit users – the rest are enjoying the telegram with a curved interface. Thank you, Pavel Valeryevich Durov, you are a very progressive boss.

Many other appov a similar situation: the top and bottom are cut and filled with black color, and the effect of bezremontnoy then disappears.

The moral: if you really are free money and you are ready to buy the iPhone X, but I haven’t seen it, don’t worry – you haven’t lost anything. The later you buy (within reason), the more apps by this time adapted for the 5.8-inch display “ten”.

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