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WSJ: Apple has faced difficulties in the production of components for Face ID

The Wall Street Journal reports that due to difficulties in the production of sensors for Face ID, delayed mass Assembly of the iPhone X.

The talking point about the projector, which transmits more than 30,000 invisible points to create an accurate depth map of the face, and an infrared camera that detects a face. These sensors are used in the new camera True Depth in iPhone X. According to the WSJ, the problem is so serious that production is measured in several tens of thousands units per day.

According to people familiar with the situation, the Assembly point of the projector requires more time than an infrared camera. These components are the weak link in the mass production of the iPhone X.

The Wall Street Journal

WSJ journalists worry that if the situation does not change, customers will have to wait for pre-ordered smartphones before the end of the year. Informed KGI analyst said that Apple will not be able to cope with demand for the iPhone X to the end of 2017. He suggests that in 2017 Apple will make 40 million iPhone X.

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