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“VKontakte” introduced a paid music subscription and the apps and turned off caching on Android

“VKontakte” has released an updated mobile app for iOS and Android with a new tab to listen to audio recordings and a paid subscription to the music. The program has ability to create music collections and added a section with recommendations.

Updated interface section “Music” demonstrates added network music. The user can create a music collection from an unlimited number of music tracks to share, update, and subscribe to the playlists of other users, communities and celebrities.

Updated the music section of the app there is a new Recommendations tab. The algorithms of the social network pick up interesting tracks from music friends and music communities in line with the preferences of the user.

In addition, the new version of mobile client “Vkontakte” there was a feature to disable ads between tracks and the ability to download compositions for listening without access to the Internet. It is proposed to install the app Boom and subscription cost 149 rubles per month.

Subscribe to Boom cross-platform, it disables the ads in the web version and allows you to save your music for listening without Internet connection applications. In the web version to disable the ads or subscribe to Boom social network doesn’t offer.

With the upgrade of the section of the audio recordings of “Vkontakte” removed from Android version of the caching function of music, which allows users to listen to stored tracks smartphone without the Internet. Now it is necessary to buy a subscription to Boom. From the app for iPhone and iPad-caching of music disappeared in September 2016, when “Vkontakte” has managed to get back the music section.

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The audience of “Vkontakte” is 95 million users a month from mobile devices in the social network out of 78 million people, the company says.

Now the audio is enabled for all users “Vkontakte”, but it only works in the web version. Soon it will appear in mobile applications. Short promotional videos will be played when switching between tracks.

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