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Russia has filed a lawsuit against Apple because of quickly discharging battery iPhone

A resident of the capital has filed a lawsuit against Apple because of quickly discharging battery iPhone, reports The Moscow Post with reference to the representative of the Preobrazhenskiy court of capital. The plaintiff hopes to recover the full cost of the phone and get 50 000 in compensation for moral damage.

Preobrazhensky court of Moscow will consider the civil suit of the resident of Moscow Yury bukhtiyarova to the Russian “daughter” of Apple Inc – LLC “Apple Rus”. The man claims that in the summer of 2016 purchased on the official website of Apple iPhone 6s 64 gigabytes of memory cost 65 990 rubles. First, the machine worked flawlessly, but with the onset of winter, he suddenly started off, although the battery indicator indicated a 20-30% charge.

The user turned to the service of Apple, but there he said that this is normal behavior for lithium-ion batteries in the cold season. This American company has recognized the problem with the batteries in the iPhone 6s launched and the program of replacement of food sources.

The Muscovites felt that his rights had been violated and demanded to collect from the company the full price of the phone is 65 990 rubles and compensation for moral damage, which he estimated at 50 000. In addition, it requests to fine Apple for infringement of consumer rights.

Session under the claim of inhabitants of Moscow to the Apple scheduled for March 15.

Earlier, another Muscovite has filed a lawsuit against the “Apple” giant due to the fact that they bought the iPhone 6s was only 12 GB instead of 16 GB.

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