Rumor has it that Apple will release a 5G MacBook in 2020

Sources from the supply chain report that next year Apple will show the first MacBook capable of working with fifth-generation networks. This is reported by the Taiwanese version of DigiTimes.

According to the publication, four companies are planning to release laptops with 5G at the turn of 2019–2020. The first will be Lenovo. Apparently, their laptop will appear by the end of the year. He is ready for production. Around the same condition are HP and Dell laptops.

In the same situation, and Apple, having on hand a turnkey solution. However, the company, as always, is in no hurry to launch the product on the market. Probably, Apple is going to study the reaction of users to products of other companies.

Rumor has it that Apple will release a 5G MacBook in 2020

According to rumors, Apple has achieved better results than competitors, because it uses a ceramic antenna. It is six times more expensive than ordinary metal, but twice as effective. An interesting price-performance relationship, of course.

It is not yet known which MacBook will be the first to receive 5G. This will probably be the Pro line.

According to DigiTimes, Apple will release this computer in the second half of 2020. And here is the problem: earlier DigiTimes merged both correct and erroneous information. So this news should be taken with doubt.

It is reported that Apple was considering launching a 3G-compatible MacBook. He was due out in 2008. Here is a photo of a prototype from 2007:

Rumor has it that Apple will release a 5G MacBook in 2020Prototype 15-inch MacBook Pro (Santa Rosa) with 3G support

But the laptop was not destined to be born – Steve Jobs decided to abandon such a product. In his opinion, this would tie clients to a specific operator. And all the necessary equipment took up too much space in the laptop.

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