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Chinese President discussed cyber security with Tim cook and other leaders of the IT companies

Chinese President XI Jinping, who arrived Sunday on an official visit to the USA, met with the head of Apple Tim cook and other leaders of the largest American corporations. During his speech, he declared his readiness to create in China a more conducive environment for foreign investment.

The first stop in your tour of the USA the President of the PRC did in Seattle, where he met versed American and Chinese businessmen. Among the guests of the event were the head of Microsoft Satya Nadella, the head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Intel Brian Krzanich, Alibaba CEO Jack MA, head of IBM Ginny Rometty, the head of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and others. During a speech before businessmen XI Jinping has assured the American public that restrictions on foreign investors will be weakened.

“We are doing everything necessary to create a new open economic system, promote the reform of foreign investment and reduce restrictions on foreign investments”, – said the head of the PRC. He promised to drastically reduce the list of closed for foreign investors, industries and businesses and significantly strengthen the protection of intellectual property.

According to XI, China is a staunch defender of cyber security and is ready to create together with US the forum at a high level to solve problems related to cyber attacks.

Boeing Corporation was timed to the visit of XI of Hotel in Seattle the announcement of the opening of China’s first outside the U.S. the plant, which will be carried out finishing work on the Assembly of a Boeing 737. This news was met with criticism from the American trade unions and some of the presidential candidates in the USA, accusing the Corporation in the export of American jobs to China.

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Today, XI Jinping completes the trip to the Western USA, and flies to the capital – Washington. The working part of the visit is scheduled for Friday and includes a ceremony in the White house, talks and joint press conference with President Barack Obama.

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