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Opinion: Apple’s competitors did not copy the iPhone more

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has not come to its end, but the loudest announcements are already behind us. The audience showed many innovative solutions for various market segments, including smartphones. Interestingly, for the first time in many years, Apple’s competitors have ceased to borrow the key innovations of the iPhone when designing its own devices. Explorer Zach Epstein from BGR thinks it could be the beginning of a new Chapter in the industry “- produced smartphones”.

Presented by Steve jobs in 2007, iPhone revolutionized the mobile market. By entering this market, Apple we have completely changed the habitual way you interact with gadgets and forget about the physical keyboard.

Since then, the market largely focused on the iPhone. Apple introduced new features, and the manufacturers of Android smartphones they were carefully copied. This continued for the last few years. But at MWC 2016 has become a noticeable trend that could mean the beginning of big changes in the mobile market. The fact that none of the three most high-profile announcements of the exhibition there was no place features that could be borrowed from the flagship iPhone models.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Historically, Samsung is the most famous manufacturer that borrows ideas from Apple. Hardly can argue with that. But this year, the South Korean manufacturer has chosen a different strategy.

It was rumored that the Galaxy S7 will display with 3D Touch as the iPhone 6s, but in the end this did not happen. Samsung has implemented the ability to create “living pictures” in the style of Live Photos of the iPhone 6s, but this option didn’t even pay attention during the meeting prior to the announcement of new products.

The main features of the Galaxy S7 steel: superior QHD Super AMOLED display with the function of Always-On, protection against water and dust to standard IP68, support for memory cards MicroSD. None of these characteristics is not the iPhone 6s.


At the time, both in terms of design Galaxy S7 is very similar to last year’s Galaxy S6 and somewhat reminiscent of the iPhone 6, in the case of LG G5 manufacturer decided to go a different path.

LG was the first manufacturer in the world, which has developed its top-end smartphone in a modular fashion. With the help of a special mechanism G5 users can transform their smartphone into a camera with a comfortable grip for photos and videos, or player with a quality audio section. LG G5 little to do with the latest iPhone.

HP Elite x3

HP has returned to the smartphone market, but directly focused on the corporate users.

Elite x3 — device 3-in-1 device, which combines tablet, laptop and desktop PCs and is designed mainly for IT managers. The device from HP perfectly assembled and fitted with a large battery. The flexibility he adds preinstalled Windows platform 10.

In ideology of the HP Elite x3 is the complete opposite of the iPhone.

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