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One of the best video converters MacX DVD Ripper Pro worth $60 temporarily became free

The era of the DVD and especially the CD-ROM drive steadily eroding – people exchange data via the cloud, using flash-drives, portable hard drives and so on. There and store information – it turns out that the round disc slightly falls out of the established cycle. However, this does not mean that all your millionth DVD collection (including, for example, a video of the wedding) ceased to have value – it increases as it becomes rare and inconvenient for modern consumption.

But, in any case, to store important data on disks – the last century: some models of MacBook for a long time without a computer; in the future get rid of even the most conservative office. To weight your favorite movies, TV series and home-video is not turned into useless pieces of plastic, try to pull files from disks. And for this – install MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

The program works very simple. You include MacX DVD Ripper Pro, insert the disk, choose that you want to remove blanks, and then everything happens. Time rip depends on the size of the file, but in General it happens quickly – from a few seconds to a couple minutes. And if you have a good processor, able to multitasking, the special feature of the program uses all of its resources to make the conversion in a really quick process.

The number of formats in which to convert files, is striking: from standard AVI to H. 264 difficult. Supports all mobile formats – who throws a movie on the iPad, he knows what is pain – you can introduce the “pulled out” from the disk file with the iPhone 7 without any problems. In addition, the program quietly works even with the protected DVD so you can throw the computer film, squeezed by distribution settings. Just don’t pirate!
In addition to this main function the program has a number of more interesting stuff. For example, right there and then slightly modify the contents of the video. For example, you don’t need long titles – no problem, flip the scissors, cut off the unneeded piece, ready. And, you can lower the subtitles or some kind of subtitle. Another nice thing is the ability to save an image or a sound of the desired file. Let’s say you need a track with some movie – MacX DVD Ripper Pro on the spot taking her out. Like the picture – if you are impressed with a moment, you can easily click and then put on a screen saver or print.

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The program has a demo version that you can use for reference and a full paid version. Usually the license costs $ 60, but now operates Christmas event (and will be valid for two weeks) – program is available for free. So, if you have dead weight lies DVD collection, and you all thought he changed his mind, what to do with it, now the answer is obvious – copy, move, look at the MacBook, iPhone and iPad.

Yes, an important clarification – the Windows version too, everything is the same, and also operates a Christmas discount.

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