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Opinion: Apple should finally “kill” MacBook Air

At WWDC, all the attention was focused on the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, although Apple also introduced a small update for the MacBook Air. The update is to increase the CPU frequency from 1.6 GHz to 1.8 GHz.

Apple believes that the iPad Pro capable of replacing the computer, however, continues to release new MacBook models. Unfortunately, in the case of MacBook Air it is done without much enthusiasm. The company no longer believes in this line and believes that the iPad Pro capable of fully replace it. So why, then, the MacBook Air still have on the shelves?

The obvious answer is profit. MacBook Air still sells well and brings Apple’s revenue, so the company decided to “kill” an old line and try to transfer the users of the new MacBook and MacBook Pro. Short term profit is always attractive.

There was a time when Apple could abandon even the most successful technologies in favor of innovation. A classic example may be the presentation of iPod Nano, which was released in September 2005 in the era of music players. The only problem was the iPod Mini, which at that time was the most popular portable player and probably the most popular gadget in principle.

However, with the release of the iPod Nano Steve jobs just “killed” Mini. Of the founder of Apple did not care that Mini was the best selling and recognizable worldwide iPod. The only thing that bothered him – the ability to move forward and the Apple industry with the introduction of innovations. The Apple policy was clear.

In principle, it is clear now. The reluctance to close the MacBook Air clearly shows the principles of the current Apple. Companies do not have the courage to make the decision, the company that will be the last to benefit from the legacy devices, not to lose money, a company that no longer puts innovation above all else.

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