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Gangstar: New Orleans – GTA for the poor

As you know, some of the mobile industry lives in perpetual resistance with the industry classic, often in the role of hopeless imitators and catch-up. Judge for yourself: almost all of the major console-computer games are bad clones for small screens. Call of Duty – Modern Combat, NFS, Real Racing and Asphalt, all the zombie game – Dead Trigger. GTA is a separate story of its mobile tried to copy plus or minus all, but then came the French Gameloft. Almost certainly you saw their Gangstar series, which is so openly (and stupidly) repeat GTA that sometimes even embarrassing – isn’t it time for plagiarism to be judged. A new Chapter of adventures “Gangstarap” takes place in New Orleans – and trikvel one of the famous series about organized crime groups.

However, the Orleans here and does not smell – if in the same Mafia 3 was a scattering of the distinguishing features of South America of the 60s, Gangstar you offer… nothing. Footage of carnival and the other colour to this part of the United States and remain staff; the city chopped into a lot of rough areas, nothing from each other do not differ. Somewhere downtown, somewhere to sleep at home, somewhere in the dull industrial zone; the same scenery can be screwed to the Gangstar: Gangstar NY or LA.

Another problem of the design, and overall look of the game, there is no conceivable technical impotence. Both versions in the market already littered with comments along the lines of “I have an iPhone 7, why the game looks so disgusting”, and rightly so. No special effects, face in GTA 3 was better lighting there, but the main thing is draw distance. I have the feeling that she put on the invisible slider to around 3-4 percent – of course, a hundred. Skyscrapers come right in front of the feet, people disappear in five meters, and is gaining speed on a good bike, as you can immediately fly into a pole because he materialized right in front of your nose.

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The plot is somewhat reminiscent of the early editions of GTA, when the writers did not know how to relate a bunch of funny jokes in a normal scenario, but it was still a hundred times worse. At first, in principle, it is unclear who we are and what we do; from the context it is obvious that criminal case, but no details. Drugs, assassinations, overwrought partner, which is just always high, whether from birth dummy, painted clowns-the opponents are anything but seriousness. But and banter quite a childish, silly even GTA: Vice City was the five goals above.

To Gangstar screwed fashion gang war – we will not remember one fifteen-year-old game where it was already implemented. The trick works as follows: you travel on someone else’s area, doing minor side-quests, brought down the rating of a local authority, and raising your. When the level of influence of the enemy will fall to 50%, you can apply a social visit to his headquarters. Shooting, grenades, corpses – congratulations, now your area. Give it plus or minus nothing – the streets don’t even go to your “Bandos”, the streets nobody walks – but probably nice.

Action – one of the few that is made relatively well. You can stick to the wall, hold down the attack button and the character will pour lead all life. The auto-aiming, of course, illegal, but otherwise here it is impossible to roll a virtual stick in these games it is very sad.

The second positive point is the cars and local radio. Stole “Escalade”, do not be surprised on hearing there PANDA PANDA PANDA – money Gameloft enough for a music license, and thanks for that. There is even a semblance of physics destruction cars: bumper off, lights clicking, the hood crumpled. From chases with the police, you can get something similar to the fun: surround the cops send a helicopter, sending armored trucks, but, alas, quickly crawl away – quite quickly gallop away to another area, and all the host city loses sight of you.

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As always, all this GTA-riffraff wound around typical mobile gadgets. For example, there are points of energy boosters, “pay 20 gems to open the box” and a real boost. RPG elements are very specific – in particular, to improve the “clumsy carbine”, it is necessary to bring together the four crystals of different degrees of values; without psychotropic, apparently, still not done.

The game is declared as “open world online”, but so far, no online no – to the Grand displeasure of the students in the embedded chat. At the moment, Gangstar: New Orleans advise do not turn the language – and without an imperfect game came without multiplayer, with terrible graphics settings and periodic shoals in management. Maybe it will fix it. Perhaps the game will be better, prettier and without the frills. But we can’t imagine a person who decided after six months conditional to check it out – it is better to buy the Rockstar bundle at a discount.

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