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11 hidden features in iOS 11

On Monday Apple released the first public beta of iOS 11. Despite the fact that many people have installed preview for developers, the benefit is it does not need a Google account, some users are still waiting when the new operating system will be more or less stable.

iOS 11 is not devoid of bugs and problems, though the public beta is stable enough for testing. Besides, you can always roll back to iOS 10. Detailed instructions for installing iOS 11 beta on iPhone and iPad can be found here. If you have already installed the beta version on your device, you most likely are interested to learn about the hidden features of the new operating system.

To talk to Siri can now without voice commands and ordinary messages. To do this, go to Settings -> General -> Universal access -> Siri and activate the “text Input to Siri.”

Notification history: iOS 11 have the opportunity to view new and old notifications separately. Making a swipe from the top of the screen, you are taken to the notification Center, instead it is a so-called Cover Sheet, which resembles the lock screen. Cover Sheet displays only the last few notifications. If you need to see the rest – do the swipe up.

Live photos FaceTime: most Likely, none of you will find the function “live” photos in FaceTime, which is activated in the app settings. If this option is enabled, you will be able to do live shots during video calls.

To convert anything to a PDF: In the “Share” on iOS there is another button “PDF”. As you might guess, clicking on it, you will be able to convert into PDF format any of the content from photos to web pages.

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New photo formats and video: In iOS 11 Apple switched to the new format, pictures and videos HEIF/HEVC, but in the camera settings you can set standard formats.

“Do not disturb while driving”: Not everyone knows about this feature, although at WWDC Apple paid her much attention. We are talking about the “do Not disturb during driving”. To activate go to settings mode “do Not disturb” and enable “do Not disturb while driving”. Here you find three options: automatically, manually, and when you connect to a Bluetooth machine.

Handwritten text in the mail: the Mail app has the opportunity to add handwritten text.

Settings for background app updates: app updates in the background has changed. Now you can choose to update the content always or only when connected to Wi-Fi.

SOS function: In iOS 11 back SOS function, allowing you to quickly call emergency services and send contacts a message to the alert. To activate go to Settings -> Emergency SOS. After that, if you 5 consecutive clicks on the power button, the iPhone will call emergency services and notify listed contacts.

Create notes without unlocking your smartphone: iOS 11 allows you to take notes without the need to unlock the device. You can use the button in the control room. In the note settings you can specify a time within which the note will be saved on the lock screen.

Button to turn off: For users of the iPhone or iPad with a broken power button in the settings there is an option to turn off the device. However, Apple remains one question – how then to enable the device, if the button does not work, and there’s no outlet?

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