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Wozniak: no one was kicked out Steve jobs from Apple – he left himself

The famous story about Steve jobs was fired from Apple because of a conflict with John Scully, isn’t true. Wrote about this in Facebook co-founder Steve Wozniak.

“No one forced jobs to leave the company. He left on his own, wrote Wozniak. – After the failure of the Macintosh, which Steve had high hopes, it lost its sense of grandeur, he failed to succeed”.

Wozniak’s comments came in the midst of discussion on the movie “Steve jobs”, the Director who gave Danny Boyle. The who has called the best biopic film about the life of legendary businessman since “Pirates of Silicon valley”.

The real story about what exactly was the reason for the dismissal of the founder of Apple, will remain confidential. Although he commented on the situation in the distant 2005-m to year, speaking to students at Stanford University.

“We just released our best invention – Macintosh – and the year before I turned 30. And suddenly firing me, he told jobs. – How can you get fired from a company you founded? Apple has evolved, and we hired a lot of talented people capable of doing things. The first year all went well, but then our visions of the future began to diverge more and more, and we fought. The Board of Directors sided with sculley. So, in 30 years I was fired”.

The same John Scully, was appointed General Director of Apple instead of jobs, have expressed their point of view on past events. Interestingly, this interpretation is most consistent version Wozniak.

“It happened after you made Steve the opinion that the project “Macintosh” is becoming unprofitable. He was not fired, but simply asked to leave the Department on the development of the Macintosh. He took a leave of absence and remained Chairman of the Board. No one chased him, but he never forgave me for the suspension with the Mac,” said in an interview with Scully.

Commenting on the events in the film, Wozniak said: “the Picture turned out really quality. I can’t even complain about the scenes in which starred Andy Hertzfeld in my role. The film is not trying to claim credibility with extremely accurate account of events, but he will make you understand that jobs felt all around him.”

The biopic “Steve jobs” was first shown in early September at the American film festival in Telluride. The main role in the film was played by Michael Fassbender, has repeatedly criticized the lack of physical resemblance to jobs. Despite this, journalists praised the actor’s play. And if so Wozniak praised the picture, it’s probably a really quality product. On large screens it will premiere in October 2015.

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