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No scratches! — a selection of the best glass to protect the screen of iPhone

The screen of any iPhone needs protection. Users often drop their smartphones onto a concrete floor, wear them in the same pocket with sharp keys and put the display on the table. The protective glass of the fresh selections will help you avoid annoying scratches and terrible cracks.

Good safety glass must be resistant to wear and scratches — this will allow you to avoid having to replace the pads after each drop of the gadget. It is important that the protector was the right size, and the holes for the speakers and cameras were located with regard to the design features of the smartphone. Besides, the protective element should be soft to the touch.

The right glass can easily be attached on the first attempt, without leaving the screen layers of glue and particles of trapped dust.

The screen should give preference to the tempered glass. It is adjacent to the display is much denser than the film, and prevents the formation of trapped air bubbles.

Modern glass different fineness and high strength.

One of the best screen protectors iPhone X

The TechMatte amFilm glass fits perfectly under the ledge camera iPhone X and is resistant to scratches. One package sold by three plates, which makes the purchase very profitable. The glass thickness is only 0.3 mm. The coating is resistant to fatty substances.

Glass does not reach the fillet X and iPhone only protects the flat areas of the screen.

Price of the set of three glasses — $ 7.99 on Amazon.

Another great screen protector iPhone X

Safety glass Ultra Belkin InvisiGlass can only be found on the Apple website and in store. The pad is made of aluminum silicate and are not inferior to The TechMatte amFilm protectors. But are almost five times more expensive. Belkin InvisiGlass glass Ultra sold individually.

Price for 1 piece — $ 39.95 in the accessories section on the Apple website.

Protective screen for iPhone 6, 7 and 8

Tempered glass with thickness of 0.3 mm with maslorobnij coating is well suited for the iPhone 6, 7 or 8. At the bottom of the lining made the ledge for the Home button, so Touch ID will work without any changes.

The kit includes two protector, degreasing wipes, and stickers for dust removal.

The price of approximately of $ 7.95 on Amazon.

The most popular screen protector for iPhone 6, 7 and 8

Ailun protective glass — the cheapest of the presented in the review. He has all the necessary cutouts. The size of the pads is slightly less than the front panel of the iPhone 6, 7 or 8.

Panel takes almost all the heat, so quickly becomes unusable, but good job to prevent scratches and cracks. The kit includes 3 protector.

Price — $ 5.89 on Amazon.

Protector Plus-iPhone

Another accessory from The TechMatte amFilm. This model is designed with the features Plus versions of iPhone. In the package sold by two protective glass. Size lining consider that the user might want to remove a smartphone cover.

Price — $ 7.99 on Amazon.

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