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Roman Abramovich has invested $10 million in the Driveway application, analyzing the behavior of drivers

Russian businessman Roman Abramovich has invested $10 million in startup Driveway Software Inc., in order to collect information about the behavior of drivers on the roads. This is stated in the message of the company.

Designed Driveway mobile app installed on your smartphone insured driver and collects information about its behavior on the road.

According to Rbc, the raised funds will go towards strengthening the company’s position in the market of telematics solutions and the expansion of the company by attracting the best talent. “New funding is a recognition that mobile telematics is becoming a ubiquitous part of our daily lives,” said one of the founders of the project Igor Katsman.

Driveway — developer of smartphone apps on the iOS and Android platforms. It allows insurance companies to track drivers ‘ behaviour and to attract the most careful of them, offering them lower prices for services. Since 2010, when the application is started, it gathered data about 500 million miles.

Driveway is interested in speed, as the driver brakes and accelerates, turns, what distance rides, rides do at night. After gathering information about the drivers, the program uses big data Analytics to adjust the prices of the insurance company: drivers with good driving skills get discounts on the insurance policy.

In April of this year, Abramovich became the largest investor in the startup Music Messenger. Mobile app allows you to quickly and conveniently share music files, groundie from the network to your smartphone or contained in its own library program, compiled files from YouTube, SoundCloud, Yahoo, etc. Music Messenger is designed for iPhone and Android devices.

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