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iPad was the bestselling tablet in the world

IPad confirmed their superiority on the market. According to IDC, the share of iPad is more than 30%.

During the announcement of quarterly results, Tim cook said that for the first time in 2014, iPad sales have grown. For the third fiscal quarter of 2017, Apple sold 11.4 million devices, which is 15% more than in the same period a year earlier.

According to IDC, this jump of popularity of Apple has brought not only additional income, but the superiority on the market by a considerable margin from the competition. Over the last quarter, Apple sold 11.4 million iPads, occupying 30.1% of the market. On the second place of a rating there is the main competitor California-based company — the South Korean Samsung, which sold 6 million units and won 15.8% of the market. Closes the three leaders of Huawei with 8% market share and sold 3 million devices.

It is noteworthy that sales of the iPad grew on the background of falling demand for tablets. According to analysts, total sales declined by 3.4% year on year to 37.9 million units.

IDC analysts noted that Apple’s success is due to the release of two new iPad and acceptable pricing policy, through which many users decided to update the old tablets for new model.

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