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Google releases two photo app for iOS

According to the publication 9to5Mac, a team of researchers Google releases two pilot applications for pics. Programs use computer vision technologies created for iOS devices.

The success of the app Motion Stills to process a little video, inspired by Google developers on the expanded use of innovative technologies. The result was the release of two iOS applications, which are able to recognize objects, to identify people, to apply stabilization algorithms if necessary, and to efficiently encode/decode the images.

Experts believe that smartphone cameras the next generation will combine techniques of hardware and computer vision. Google is trying to create a application who can understand the semantic of the content to keep up with the times.

The first program was called Selfissimo!, it is available for both Android and iOS devices. Using the application, you can make a stylish black-and-white selfie. To start the photo shoot, it is sufficient to touch the screen and start to pose. Selfissimo!, itself is small, the user does not have anywhere to press. To complete the work they need to do is touch the screen of the smartphone. The photos taken can be seen in the app and save the best shots.

Scrubbies app only works on iOS. It allows you to change the speed and the playback order of the videos. This can be applied to creating looped clips with interesting effects.

Do not forget to Google about their own OS. Program Storyboard designed specifically for Android and is able to turn a short video into a single-page comic.

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All applications use experimental technology, whose development is very active. The more often the user will access the program, the higher its performance. The developers hope that the timely reviews and feedback will help them to create better tools.

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