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Kingdom: New Lands – the console hit and two-dimensional strategy

As you know, the hierarchy of mobile games arranged in a very simple way: if the project was already on the consolesPCs and have received good reviews in the world of phones it automatically gives the right to claim if not on the title of the year, the season for sure. Today we have one such case – the Kingdom: New Lands attracted positive reviews in “Incentive”, and then another, and generally astounding 87 points on Metacritic for the Xbox version; this, in principle, enough to you are already interested in. But wait – now the details.

Kingdom: New Lands is a strategy and some level of tower defense. You play as the king of a small (and clearly a crisis) provinces, to protect citizens from the attacks of evil spirits, constantly improving defenses. Somewhere, a new bridge, where more fence, sometimes a tower for archers. The caveat here is exactly one, but Central: if you have in mind outlined such a classic “tower defense” where you are on conditional height of bird flight, and below swarmed units, that sit. Because in the Kingdom: New Lands a side view. As in the platform.

You jump on the horse (left button-right button) to its possessions between the forests and swamps of settlements. There you have work to do: run up, say, to the tower, put in her coins, the tower grows. Then, in the same manual mode, rebuilt the settlement. Take care to protect – the night the monsters will come, and then it turns out, whether you are a good ruler. Sometimes it takes a sad turn – the effect of any miscalculation, monsters devour the village, and you in a panic off to fight the king does not know how. This feeling of futility and utter worthlessness when fanged smash your wards, will be a long time dead weight lying on the shower; Yes, the Kingdom: New Lands able to get so deep.

The second part of the game – the search for those coins. Unlike the real rulers here coffers fill up you personally to wander the lands, looking for treasure chests and other places of storage of gold. Logic sometimes fails, but overall a fun card compact, so that the gap between “wow, a whole 15 coins!” and, in fact, spending these coins is minimal.

Looks Kingdom: New Lands screenshots as a typical three-indie; this is both true and not. Indy really is a three-game made the two persons, the budget was probably small. Graphics squares, but in the dynamics is transformed – it is sufficient to say that water reflects the surface in a pixel implementation, it looks fascinating.

Problem is a few schools of management. The king will jump in the other direction, you just will not understand your commands. The rest – a brilliant strategy filed under unexpected perspective; at least, original. As a high contender for the “game season” and other well-deserved titles: where else can you virtually by hand can equip a small village, to breathe life into it, and then ignominiously surrender to the orcs, because he forgot to hire more archers? Cost Kingdom: New Lands in 749 rubles, but this is the case when high price is fully justified. In an extreme case, look for the game in the “Incentive”.

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