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Tweak Forcy ports feature a 3D Touch with the iPhone 6s on all devices with iOS 9

If you like with the power to put pressure on the display of your Apple Watch to call certain functions, and now you are not without your life, do not rush to buy iPhone 6s. To test some of the capabilities of the technology will be almost everyone. Well-known developer of software for jailbroken devices Elias Limneos released tweak that brings the “3D Touch” on any Apple device.

“Nonsense, this is impossible. Apple Watch and new iPhone equipped with a special module that is able to distinguish the effect of depression on screen,” strewn with angry messages. But don’t clog the comments. Of course, the tweak will not be able to add a physical sensor, however, it will be able to programmatically emulate a proprietary Apple technology, and that’s something. The point is that by the swipe on the app icons tweak simulates a complete “3D Touch”.

In Cydia this add-in is free. Camera, Phone and Settings have already got a sub-menu that offers long-lasting hold icons. In fact, the same as that in the iPhone 6s.

In total, Forcy supports 14 applications:

  • Messages
  • Calendar
  • Camera
  • Watch
  • Wallet
  • Notes
  • iBooks
  • News
  • Phone
  • Safari
  • Mail
  • Game Center
  • Contacts
  • Find Friends

In the future, the developers promise to expand the functionality and features of the tweak. Of course, he will not give the same sensations that the physical module and the 3D Touch, but it can make life more comfortable and to simplify the experience of using the iPhone and iPad.

Although, of course, such a scenario will not be for everyone. Many users of Apple technology flatly refuse to do the jailbreak. And why, actually, if they are satisfied. Those who on “you” from Cydia will probably be interesting to try a 3D Touch on the gadgets of previous generations.

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It is worth noting that such a development did not work is akin to revelation. The tweak named “Velox 2” had similar functionality, but based not on hold, and swipe across the icons.

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