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MegaFon has lost more than 50 000 subscribers due to network outage

The subscriber base of MegaFon declined significantly due to a failure in the network. Most from the problems the operat or has won the operator Tele2, which got 28 000 additional subscribers referred by mechanism of MNP.

The Agency Nag, citing a report ZNIIS has published data on the transitions of subscribers in may, which the operator of system of transfer and the companies themselves typically hide. In the end, the “big four” only Tele2 was able to increase the subscriber base at the expense of users who switched from saving the number (+28 000 customers). And globally for the duration of Tele2 services MNP has become a leader in this indicator, luring with 2013 422 000 users.

In terms of user clicks on the mechanism of MNP may was an atypical month because on may 19 in the network “MegaFon” was the largest in the history of the company failure. As a result, without context, left Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Saratov, Samara and other cities of Central Russia and the Volga region.

Despite compensation in the form of traffic and other bonuses that “MegaFon” decided “by default” to list all affected subscribers, it is still affected by operator’s subscriber base. In may digging lost 52,000 customers who went to competitors with preservation of accommodation, and acquired only 30 000. Total losses – 22 000 users and after may 19, more (32% more than usual). At the same time, “Beeline” and MTS balance difference was -9 and -7 thousand people.

Despite the relatively small absolute figures, MegaFon suffered significant reputational damage. So impressive that, quite possibly, the company decided to reshuffle. At least, it is possible to regard the separation of “MegaFon” and its former Director for infrastructure Alexander Bashmakov.

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