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8 functions and features from Android that Apple needs to copy iOS 11

Hard to call it Android lagging behind iOS. In many aspects of the operating system Google is not just equaled the ease of use with the “Apple” platform but surpassed it. As said Steve jobs, good artists copy, great – steal. So why would Apple not do it and not implement some useful features of Android in iOS.

We offer you a list of eight features of Android, which would most like to see in iOS 11. Interesting to see which of the following Apple still sells, and what to ignore. Let’s look at the opportunities that already work well in the “green robot”.

1. Full notification

We have to admit that after some use Android, no tears for the iOS notification Center will not look. The only thing you can do with alerts in iOS is to display and remove, while on Android you can perform basic operations with alerts, without going into the apps themselves.

For example, you get an email right in the notification, you can archive or back to the form with the answer. In iOS, you can view alerts, delete them, or jump to a specific letter in the application. To remove, go to reply or archive it directly in the notification Center is not possible, and this is a big minus.

2. Flexible bar with quick settings

In iOS there is the ability to quickly enable/disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from control center, but if you need more options, a wireless connection, you will again have to go into settings. In addition, you can disable the transmission of cell data, although this feature is most popular among users.

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Apple should extend the functionality of the control and add a few features from Android. I would like to support gestures 3D Touch or at least the opportunity to go to settings of the same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth directly from the control room without opening once again the Settings app.

3. The ability to set default apps

In Android a long time there is the ability to install applications to perform certain tasks by default. For example, all links you can open in Dolphin browser, and write emails in Gmail. In iOS this is not possible, by default, you can always use Safari, only Mail, only the built-in camera and so on.

It is high time to provide users with the opportunity to choose which app they work. Or Apple should improve the quality of their own applications, so we have no desire to download from the App Store that third-party.

4. Useful in real life, voice assistant

Siri was the first voice assistant for mobile devices, but now its capabilities are inferior to Google Assistant. Although many rightly believe that to compare them among themselves it is impossible, in General, particularly to use Siri and not have to start applications and to adjust the brightness is still the manually.

Perhaps Google saw this a little early, so I shifted the focus of his assistant is not to function to talk, and the ability to show the user useful information — weather, reminders, public transport timetables, the results of the latest matches of your favorite football team. Google Assistant predicts where you need to go now and calculates the arrival time and the places nearby.

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Most queries in the Google Assistant is stored in the cache, so even if you pronunciation with a significant speech impediment, the helper will be able to recognize the required information. If you constantly do certain queries, Google Assistant will determine the category as “popular” and will be called only as wanted by the user.

Google Assistant was originally only available in the Google Pixel, the column Google Home on Android TV, then came Android Wear, and this week you can access it began to users of smartphones based on Android Android Marshmallow and Nougat.

5. Great card

Google Maps there is quite a long time and until 2012 was included with iOS, but then Apple decided to develop its own map service. In the United States and Europe, it works quite well, but overall, the level of detail leaves much to be desired. Anyone who lives in our country, almost immediately downloads Yandex.Card or 2GIS (and often both), because the use of “Apple” card is problematic.

It has been almost five years, but Apple Maps still not worked out the way it should.

6. Gesture typing on the standard keyboard

The on-screen keyboard built into the operating system iOS, bad performs its direct functions, but advanced it can not be called. Much more convenient are system from third-party developers, which greatly speeds up text input.

In Android there is a feature called Gesture Typing, which allows you to type words by gliding your finger over the letters. To use this system, just go to “Settings” → “Language & input” → “Android Keyboard”. To scroll the screen until the very end and in the section “Continuous input” enter the desired jackdaws (“Enable”, “Show hints” and “Draw the line”). Why Apple has not offered this feature for iOS keyboard, is unclear.

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7. Remote installation of applications via the browser

From the iOS operating system, Google has the advantage that the applications can be installed not only on the device itself or with the computer. For Android provides the ability to remotely download applications through the browser.

Users simply open the Google Play, choose app, select your device and click “Install”. The selected app or game will be automatically downloaded to a smartphone or tablet.

8. Clearing the cache in all apps

Like on the computer iPhone stored information and data used by installed apps browser, games, social networking clients. Clearing the cache can not only free up space in memory, but also to normalize the functioning of the mobile device.

Android provides a standard option to clear the cache in all applications. Access can get, if you go to Settings –> Storage and USB drives –> Data cache. Feature allows “one-click” delete temporary files of all installed applications on your device.


This is the list of Android features we’d love to see on iOS. Of course, the “green robot” car and small truck all kinds of flaws, but in some situations, to use Android easier than iOS. So I see no reason for Apple not to help itself and its users to make the mobile OS more intuitive and logical. What do you think?

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