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Microsoft released Cortana 2.0 for iOS

Microsoft announced the latest update to Cortana voice assistant for iOS devices. The main new feature in version 2.0 is the new user interface and improved performance.

Cortana for iOS looks and acts a lot like Cortana to Windows 10 operating system. IPhone owners can use a separate app that allows you to track flights, weather, to dictate reminders to know the results of matches, etc.

At the same time on competing platforms, Microsoft’s virtual assistant has a number of limitations, as there is no deep integration with the OS as on a Windows device, for example, you cannot open the app by simply saying the phrase “Hey, Cortana”.

Interface Cortana 1.0 (left) and Cortana 2.0 (right)

In Cortana 2.0, the developers have made some improvements and updated interface of the voice assistant. According to Microsoft, it has become more functional and simple. The voice assistant has become more responsive and fast when making voice calls, typing, and other tasks. Russian language in Cortana 2.0 is still missing.

On the mobile platform Apple technology Cortana is a competitor to Siri, which is pre-installed on iPhone and iPad by default. In Cupertino are not allowed to replace Siri on another system, but if you want you can always open the app and Microsoft Cortana use.

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