iPhone SE (2020) – First Look

At first I wanted to write something in the traditional way, divided into chapters, but decided to refuse it. We have already opened smartphones, removed, red went to Ilya Kichaev for various joys and fun. We’ll do a separate battery test, hold the iPhone SE in water, write separately about the camera, there will be a review. To take or not to take iPhone SE in 2020 is also a topic for a dissertation. It seems to be more interesting than the XR, but it has a weaker camera and processor. So think about what and how to do. And, of course, iPhone SE is another segment of the Apple network where people who want to find the best for their money get into.

In general, I'll start with the design.

The most talked about moment, owners of Android smartphones really like to say something about the iPhone SE design. Like, the old design! Well and all that. Let me remind you that iPhone SE is a continuation of iPhone 6. iPhone 6 was shown in 2014, the device has grown old and even now, after six years, its great-great-grandson of the iPhone SE looks cool. Small, pleasant, proportionate, drowning in your pocket, you know where there are some controls, there is a BUTTON.

Okay, let's imagine that in another company they would take their smartphone in 2014 and decide to make an updated version. For example, here is the then Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Probably, you can make a version of SE – write in the comments.

And here is the Samsung Galaxy S5. You can probably do some sort of SE as well!

Or here is the Huawei Ascend P7. By the way, it looks cool now. And where did all these facets go?

And here is another then-interesting device, the Nexus 5.

Finally, the HTC One M8. Cool was a smartphone, he used it.

Why of all these devices survived only iPhone SE? The answer is simple: the design created six years ago is quite viable now. Not only that, Apple is free to arbitrarily dispose of its achievements – whether we are free to buy this appearance or not (I'm sure SE (2020) will become a bestseller). Spending resources on a new design is a good idea for the next generation of iPhones. Suppose we see a new design code in the iPhone in the fall. Well, iPhone SE is a kind of additional quest, a branch of the main line, designed to conquer the middle segment.

A little about the changes compared to the "eight". The colors are different: white is whiter here, black is blacker. The bullseye has shifted to the center, which is logical. The camera is framed familiarly, the button, as you know, pleasantly clicks into the fingertip (as it sounds!), The delivery package is familiar. The boxes are also different, each iPhone SE color has its own packaging design.

The smartphone is very smartly configured, all the latest Apple wonders are at your disposal – if you want, transfer data from Android (by the way, you would have to do this for the “How easy” section), if you want, from another iPhone. I managed to completely move in half an hour, then the applications were loaded for a rather long time. It was even proposed to transfer the eSIM profile, but I don’t know how it will turn out: Tinkoff.Mobile has one profile for one device.

WHAT A CAFE TO CARRY A SMARTPHONE IN A POCKET! Here is just for understanding, below on the photo of the iPhone 11 Pro Max in the original transparent case in your pocket. Maybe not very noticeable in the photo, but it's straight SOMETHING in your pocket:

Somewhere there was an iPhone SE hiding. Generally not felt:

At the same time, if I do not recommend the first iPhone SE at all – the screen is too small for our age – then iPhone SE (2020) is ideal in this sense. And for typing, it’s suitable for Netflix on the plane, if need arises, for YouTube and for toys. Generally no problem.

With your thumb you can reach EVERYWHERE! Buzz. Of course, I won’t transfer to iPhone SE, but it’s very nice to recall the past. It is a pity that in Runet critics usually tell all kinds of tales about Apple products, but the critics' problem is always the same: they do not even try to use these things. After all the top-end modern smartphones, the iPhone SE (2020) reminds me of slippers, comfortable, always pleasant, so sweet to my heart and soul.

On the left – iPhone SE, on the right – iPhone 8. It's hard to mix up!

Moreover, small design changes added charm to the classic smartphone. The apple is capable of glowing depending on the light, the black front panel gives the impression that it is a healthy screen and goes well with the main color of the device. Smooth assembly, aluminum and glass – always relevant. Or have I already talked about this?

Look, the apple is white, but it is the color of the case!

Or here:

I think the understandable analogy for young people is New Balance 990. Sneakers are thirty years old (or more?), And they are not thinking of discontinuing them. Successful silhouette, comfortable model, change materials, sell to both adults and students. And this is not the most affordable model in the line!

So with the iPhone SE the same story. There is a consumer. Students and schoolchildren need something beautiful and new, especially in Moscow, but if you go beyond the capital, there are unlimited possibilities for the iPhone SE. Young people. Practical gentlemen, who better buy for themselves not the most fashionable iPhone 12 Pro Max, but iPhone SE, and the difference will be spent on something useful. The second is the perfect smartphone to work with. Smartphone for mom, dad, grandparents, easily customizable, cheap to maintain, durable. Underline whatever applicable.

By the way, I liked the black device the most. White is ok, but a little too much attention. But black is cool.

By the way, when people start advising the iPhone XR, starting from the price, then you do not forget that the XR also has a larger size. Here, see how much:

If you have any questions – write, then we will make a hodgepodge. Address (email protected). Well, we will gradually prepare materials about the iPhone SE, look at the website and in the application, we will devote the next seven days to this smartphone.

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