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iPhone 6s Plus vs LG V10: the benefits of Apple’s optical stabilization during videos

One of the key innovations of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is to use the new camera and some special functions, for example, optical stabilization when shooting movies. How well it works compared with the functions in models of competing brands, decided to find out the authors resource PhoneArena.

I must say that the iPhone 6s Plus there are a few key innovations for the camera: optical stabilization while shooting video at 30/c, the matrix with higher resolution, Live Photos, the new camera for selfie with a flash. The key feature is, of course, the image stabilization, which Apple considers its biggest achievement. If the predecessor function only worked when taking a photo, iPhone 6s Plus and it is activated during movie recording. It allows to remove excessive shaking and rotating the camera, giving the video smooth image when moving.

The smartphone LG V10, in turn, uses stabilization technology OIS 2.0 – an improved version of the OIS+ of the LG G3, which is characterized by the addition of stabilization in the third axis Z in addition to X and Y. the Journalists decided to check one of the iPhone 6s Plus or LG V10 – mechanism provides better quality video and conducted independent test to select the winner.

Despite all the praise about OIS 2.0, judging by the test results, the smartphone Apple with the task of video in motion cope much better. The iPhone 6s Plus hardware is combined with software stabilization methods, all of which gives a more smooth picture without jerks and shaking.

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