Apple bought another virtual reality developer

Apple has long shown interest in the augmented and virtual reality market. She not only develops new AR and VR technologies, but also periodically buys startups related to this area. The next such acquisition was the California company NextVR. The deal was reported by Bloomberg. The iPhone 12 series is fully disclosed: display size, memory […]


iPhone SE (2020) – First Look

At first I wanted to write something in the traditional way, divided into chapters, but decided to refuse it. We have already opened smartphones, removed, red went to Ilya Kichaev for various joys and fun. We’ll do a separate battery test, hold the iPhone SE in water, write separately about the camera, there will be […]

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Best smartphone IFA 2018

Every year Berlin hosts the IFA, where manufacturers introduce smartphones. 2018 was paying attention to Sony, ZTE, LG, HTC and Huawei. Earlier in IFA often introduced flagship smartphones, but in recent years the emphasis has shifted to phones of an average price category. Only a few bring to Berlin a top device Sony Xperia XZ3 […]

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iPhone will lose the side buttons after Android

Many iPhone users have grieved the loss of the 3.5 mm connector. If they can postpone the disappearance of the side buttons, after all, according to the U.S. Patent office, Apple is working on a recognition feature compression. The Corporation Tim cook has sent a patent application on sensors that determine the compression that can […]

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Apple has updated Final Cut Pro X to version 10.4

In connection with the release of the new iMac Pro, Apple decided to upgrade the program for video editing Final Cut Pro. The new release introduces the ability to edit 8K-rollers and support 360-degree VR video. Now Final Cut Pro allows professional editors to create VR content. In the program you can import, edit, send […]

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Why the next Google Pixel should do Xiaomi

Such solution has no cons. While Apple counts the pre-orders for the iPhone X and knows how to satisfy a huge demand, Google soothing drink and fight with a flurry of negativity. The main reason for rabies – a failed update Google Pixel. If HTC (author Junior “Pixel”) with the mission coped more or less […]