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How to record video from the screen in macOS

In the standard QuickTime player on macOS has a handy tool for recording the image directly from your computer screen.

To enable logging, you must:

  • Find QuickTime (by default, it is located in the folder “Other”) and run it.

  • Open the submenu “File” and select “New screen recording”.

  • After that, the screen will display the control record. If your computer has multiple displays attached, the remote will need to be moved to the right, which will be recorded live.

  • If you click on the arrow to the right of the Record button, opens sub-menu where you can enable the sound recording and the display of the cursor.

  • After clicking the “Record” button the following message will appear.

  • If you need to record the entire screen, it is enough to click in any part of it. If you need to record a certain area, you will need to select an area of the screen by pulling the cursor from one point of the desktop to another.

  • Record selected part of the display will start immediately after clicking “Start recording” (without the reference. 11).
  • To stop the process, click on the round icon “Stop” in the status bar.

A similar feature Apple added in iOS 11. To enable this, you must go to the settings of the control and add the button “Record screen”.

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