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Face scanner Samsung is still too easy to cheat

Many criticize Apple for the fact that she creates a lot of noise around features that have already been implemented by competitors. However, the California company does not do it out of pride. In Cupertino not just follow the market. In the Apple analyze every function and bring to mind instead of having to launch it first, and this is the best way.

According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 8 will not be a fingerprint scanner. In its place will come an advanced 3D camera with face scanner. Many users concerned about security, because the Touch ID was used not only to unlock the smartphone, but also to make purchases using Apple Pay, and those scanners are individuals that we’ve seen in Android is far from perfect.

The worst thing is that no progress in this area is not observed, and it was obvious when Samsung introduced its image-recognition technology. the fact that their scanner can be fooled with static pictures, which is not difficult to find in Facebook or Instagram. The Korean company itself has confirmed that the facial recognition in the Galaxy S8 unsafe and prohibited to use it with Samsung Pay. Instead, Samsung is recommended to use a fingerprint sensor and iris scanner eye.

With the release of the Galaxy Note 8 the situation has not changed. The phone is still easy to cheat by using pictures from social networks. Developed by Mel Tygon demonstrated this in the video below.

One of the industry leaders for the second time in a row is the crude product. Can we expect Apple’s progress in this direction?

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Definitely, Yes. Apple will not be able to enter the market with a new technology that will endanger millions of people bought the iPhone. Given the fact that the company plans to use the face scanner for transactions with Apple Pay, you can be sure that their facial recognition system will be as sound and secure.

Left quite a bit of time to verify this independently. Presentation of the new iPhone on 12 September. In addition to the anniversary of the iPhone 8, on the stage of “Theatre of a name of Steve jobs” will show iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus, Apple TV with support for 4K video, and Apple Watch third generation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Facial Recognition Test:

— Mel Tajon (@MelTajon) September 2, 2017

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