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TSMC will produce chips for Apple at a new plant worth $ 20 billion

To keep Apple as a customer, TSMC will create a line for the production of 3-nm processors, worth twenty billion dollars.

Taiwanese company engaged in the production of semiconductors is one of the largest players in the market of mobile processors. In that time, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Apple to develop their own chipsets, TSMC is engaged in their manufacture.

But there are other major players in this field — the Samsung Semiconductor and Intel, which requires continuous improvement and innovation in the Assembly process. Therefore, TSMC has already prepared a plan for the construction of a 3-nm production lines, which intends to realize up to 2022 .

In today’s high performance chips using a 10-nm process technology, TSMC’s goal is to create more than three times smaller in size semiconductors. The end result is the chips will become more productive and energy efficient.

In order to create their own 3-nm process technology, TSMC is required to build a fully dedicated plant. Production of 3-nm processors will be in Taiwan.

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